Casino bonus

casino bonuses

Different bonuses are very much worthwhile, and in addition, different online casinos have different requirements for the bonus, which means that the value can differ. It is important to know a little about how your online casino bonus works to be able to get the maximum value out of the bonus.

Finding the right online casino bonus is not always the easiest. There is so much to choose from today. If you are looking for the best casino online, this portal is good for comparing casinos online. For the UK Casino sites is the best casino sites to look for. . The most important thing when choosing is to check what the bonus really is worth. A good way to assess this is to check on the turnover requirement. It can also be good to find out if there are any restrictions on which games you may use the bonus on. You can read about this in the casino’s general terms and conditions.

Different types of casino bonuses

There are many types of bonuses and as a new casino player, it can be a little tricky to keep track of the concepts. Bonuses can also affect how you choose the casino, so it is important to keep track of all terms. The basic principle is always the same, you get something extra to play for. We explain the most common bonuses below!


Welcome Bonus

Welcome bonuses are talked about a lot and it is because it is the first bonus you will take part in when you start playing at a new casino. A welcome bonus can consist of a single bonus or a package of several different bonuses. If the bonus is activated when you make a deposit, it is a deposit bonus, but since in this situation it is always given to new players, you have chosen to call it a welcome bonus.

Many casinos distribute a casino bonus for free at sign-up, ie; when you sign up. A regular bonus in this context is 20 free spins on Starburst, which is activated directly when you open your account.


  • 20 free spins upon registration
  • 100% up to £100 on first deposit
  • 50% up to £200 on the second deposit

This welcome bonus means that you get a bonus in three parts. First, you have a free bonus that is activated when you open an account and gives you 20 free spins.

When you make your first deposit you get double up with a maximum amount of £100. You will, therefore, receive £ 100 if you deposit £ 100, and £ 50 if you deposit £50 or more.

Your second deposit will give you 50% extra, so to get the maximum amount of £100 you need to deposit £200.

It is not uncommon for casinos to have packages of bonuses on the first four deposits. Actually, it doesn’t matter how many bonuses you get as a new player, the casino will always hand out new bonuses in order to compete for the players.

Free Spins

Free Spins is just like it sounds, free spins in a slot machines. These can be activated either when you make a deposit and in some cases completely free as in the example above. Free Spin is a super popular form of a bonus, which one can understand because each new spin is a new chance of winning. Learn more about free spins casino sites.

It is common for casinos to distribute free spins to new players who open an account. You can usually get up to 20 free spins completely without the deposit.

Free spins bonus offers are also very common. Then you can get up to 100 spins against you making a deposit. This type of offer sends the casino frequently to its players.

Deposit Bonus

Most bonuses are actually a deposit bonus. If you need to make a deposit to get it, then it is a deposit bonus. For completely new players in the casino where you set up a specific package of bonuses, you usually call it a welcome bonus.

In the offers sent out to existing players in the casino, you usually say the deposit bonus. A deposit bonus is often given in percent along with a maximum amount, but could also be a fixed amount.

An example of a bonus with a fixed amount: You get £100 extra if you deposit at least £100.

Casino VIP bonus

A VIP bonus is a bonus that is limited to the most loyal players in the casino, the so-called VIP players. As a VIP player, you have the opportunity to get customised bonuses that are completely personal. You also have access to better offers and bonuses than the other players in the casino, such as extra high deposit bonuses or cash back.

Casino Cashback

Cashback is a bonus that in most cases saves to the VIP players in the casino. This means pure money without any wagering requirements and is thus a very expensive bonus for the casino.

Casino Wagering

Bonuses are a great form of appreciation to get from the casino, but yes, they come with a small catch. A wagering requirement is a requirement for how much the bonus will be played before it is converted into money that can be taken out. The reason why the turnover requirement exists is that otherwise, it would be too expensive for the casino to hand out a lot of bonuses, and then there would not be so many good offers to choose from.

A very common turnover requirement is 35 times the bonus amount. That means you have to play for the bonus 35 times. Note that it is turnover and not lose that counts. It can be a bit tricky to turn a bonus into action, but it is not possible, it is only a matter of investing wisely. The more margin you have, the better!